ELEKTROLOK : One of Bonn's most interesting upcoming Techno- & Minimal-acts right now. The duo consits of the two dudes Benedict Steuer & Arne Schubert and you definetely should keep an eye open on them. Have a listen to get into their fascinating sound:
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STARWIN MARVIN : Starwin Marvin aka Hungriger Hugo aka Norman Knoche is a DJ and radio host. He currently lives in Cologne, Germany. He hosts the weekly radioshow "Grenzgänger" on and has played at uncounted gigs across Germany so far.
His sets are definetly one of the hottest Minimal- & Tech-House-Banger right now. If you ever have the chance to see and hear him live, you shouldn't miss this 'revelation'. Highly recommended!
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DJ TOURETTE :  Martin Peth aka Tourette is a German DJ, producer and originator of Dubstep parties. He has organized uncounted "Nordbrückenpartys" and the brand new dubstep-event called "KULT 140" at Kult 41 in Bonn.
As a DJ he acts like the prototype of a 'get-the-crowd-to-the-floor-demander'. He always arouses enthusiasm and forces the crowd to dance. Tourette is the sort of 'addicted to vinyl' and swears on the bass from the good, black gold. His deep mixes persuade by absolut perfection and a fine selection of tunes in his set list.
Beside organization and 'playing' with his turntables, Tourette is a true allrounder with several talents. You should not underestimate his producing skills. His tracks orientate themselves in the beginning of Dubstep and are often linked to the Garage- and 2step-roots of Dubstep. Tourette doesn't need 'the saw' - his deep tunes convince with their arrangement, the generated atmosphere and their 'move-your-feet-effect' or "Tanzbarkeit".
You definetly should lend him your ears and check out his work! I bet you won't regret...
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